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The fact that women experience violence (rape and sexual assault, domestic abuse, childhood sexual abuse, sexual harassment etc) is not news to anyone. However the impact that violence or fear of violence has on a woman’s sense of safety was clear when we carried out TSB Lloyds funded research highlighting that 97% of women felt concerned for their safety at some point in their lives. When we asked what would help women feel safer 44.8 % said Personal Safety/Self Defence classes, 45% said more education on Violence Against Women (i.e. who women are at risk from, where they are at risk and why) and 47.7% said information on where to go for help would increase their sense of safety.

Our Personal Safety Courses are free to individual women and run in local communities enabling women to get access in their own areas. Organisations wishing us to facilitate a specific course for their service users will need to cover costs for Tutors fee’s, premises and crèche, however we can advise on how and where money could be secured for this work. The Courses run over 10 weeks and each session lasts approximately 2hrs. They are open to any woman regardless of age, abilities and fitness levels. Sometimes we run focus group Courses for women who want to meet with others who have had similar experiences e.g. women who have been abused, black and minority ethnic women, young women and women with physical / sensory impairments etc and every course is designed to suit the individual needs of women attending.

Focussing on what abilities women already have and developing new skills increases women’s sense of safety and they leave with options for making informed decisions on what can be done to remove or decrease the risk of violence and crime in their lives. Our Courses offer support, information, education, skill sharing, awareness raising and techniques for identifying avoiding and escaping potentially dangerous situations as well as challenging damaging women blaming attitudes and building women’s confidence, and self esteem.

Women attend our Courses for different reasons. Some have directly experienced abuse, some are frightened and others “just fancied a wee night out”. No matter the reason the vast majority of women left stating that the courses had a direct and positive impact on how they felt about their personal safety. Our evaluations showed that 95% of women felt more confident after participating in the courses and 97% said their fear of crime and violence had lessened.

If you are interested in attending any of our workshops or courses or have any questions about what’s involved in them please feel free to contact us.

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