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Violence Against Disabled Women

Between 2008 – 2010 Wise Women secured Scottish Government funding to set up a satellite project to specifically work with women who have physical / sensory impairments and long term health conditions. The aim of this work was to provide disabled women with full and equal access to Personal Safety Courses addressing the additional and different types of violence, abuse and crime Disabled Women encounter. A full report was published in 2010 recording women’s experiences, the barriers they face when seeking support, the impact on physical , emotional and social health and accompanies a 40 minute power point presentation of these findings. This presentation is particularly useful to services working with disabled women or with issues surrounding violence and abuse.

“What does a Survivor look like?”

This 35 minute power point presentation forms part of our focus group work with women survivors of abuse. The aim is to blast some of the negative stereotypes and assumptions surrounding women survivors that reinforce the “damaged” or “demanding” labels often wrongly associated with survivors. It addresses the skills and strengths it takes to endure and survive in order to move on and thrive. It’s set in a realistic and humorous context that challenges individual survivors and service providers alike.

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