How to access our service

Women can self-refer to our service.  We will need your name and contact details and any relevant information needed to make our service fully accessible to you.


Women will then join our confidential mailing list and will receive information about our courses and workshops by her choice of email, letter or text.


Wise Women would always encourage women to contact us directly however we recognise that this is not always easy or possible for women to do this. For this reason we will accept staff calling on a woman’s behalf, if this is the case or if you are a worker giving information to women about our service there are some things you should consider.

Be sure you know what our courses are about, what issues we discuss and what support mechanisms we have in place for women attending.

Both our Personal Safety and Confidence Building Courses address issues of violence against women and the impact it has on women’s sense of safety and self- esteem. Whilst no woman is expected to discuss her personal experiences it is important women are prepared for the possibility that others might.

Consult with women about what they are realistically ready or able to commit to.

Wise Women’s courses run 2hrs a week for 5 or10 weeks. Each session leads onto the next so its important women can commit themselves to attending as many sessions as possible in order to keep up with the rest of the group. The courses should not be seen as an alternative to counselling or ongoing support work. Our work is designed to accompany and compliment other services or to encourage women to seek ongoing support.

Only two women can be referred per project per class.

As places are limited this ensures a wide range of women can access the courses. In addition, it means that women not currently accessing support services have the opportunity to also attend.

Staff and women service users cannot attend the same course.

Women may be reluctant to talk about particular circumstances if support staff are in attendance or they feel there could be consequences as a result of what they have said. Wise Women have a strict confidentiality policy that would only be breached if it were felt children were at risk. Women are fully informed of this at the first session.


For reasons of their own safety and confidentiality workers would be unable to participate in the sessions. In addition, it would be inappropriate for them to sit and observe a session, as this would have an impact on other women in the group.


Places are prioritised for women in local communities. Staff wishing to attend our courses are encouraged to register as an individual for a separate course.

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