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Below are some of the questions women ask us about our courses, but if you have any other questions or if you wish to register for a course pleasecontact us.

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What is Personal Safety and do I have to be strong to defend myself?

A: Personal safety is using different techniques to keep you safe including avoidance, verbal and physical. Any woman can defend herself, it doesn't matter what shape or size you are or what your level of fitness is. Our courses concentrate on what you can do rather than what you can't do.

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Do I have to know martial arts before I can defend myself?

A: No. Our physical moves are adapted to suit the needs and abilities of all women. They are simple and easy to learn and do.

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I am a disabled woman; can I learn to defend myself?

A: Yes. There are many ways that disabled women can and do defend themselves. Women would never be expected to practice a technique that made them feel uncomfortable or cause them pain or discomfort. We can adapt techniques to suit the differing needs of women attending our courses.

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If I know all the physical techniques can I defend myself against anyone?

A: No. Keeping yourself safe isn't always about physical techniques. Many women use avoidance techniques and/or their knowledge of a person to keep themselves safe.

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I have heard that women are more at risk at night from strange men. Is this true?

A: No. Most attacks on women are indoors by men they know (partner, family member, acquaintance). However many women have real fears about attacks from strangers so our courses deal with attacks by strangers as well as someone you know.

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Sometimes when I don't have the dinner ready in time or the kids won't be quiet my man shouts at me and/or gives me the silent treatment. He says I'm asking for it. Am I?

A: No. Women are never to blame for men's behaviour or violence. No one deserves to be attacked. Abuse and violence are unacceptable in any situation.

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Do you have to have experienced any abuse and/or crime or violence to take part in a course?

A: Women take part in our courses for many reasons. Some because they have experienced abuse or violence, others take part because they have concerns and fears about their personal safety. Women can learn new techniques and share from each other's knowledge and experiences. Our courses always aim to create a safe and supportive environment for all women to take part in.

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How long does the course last and do I have to attend every week?

A: Each session lasts for 2 hours and normally runs over 10 weeks. The session is usually on the same day at the same time every week. We recommend that women try to attend ever session, but we are aware that it is not always possible to do so. If you miss 1 or 2 sessions you can have a chat with the tutor to help you catch up.

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What do I have to wear?

A: You can wear whatever you like. It is best to come to a class in the clothes you normally wear, some women like to wear trainers and a tracksuit, and others wear skirts and high heels. However, it is important you feel comfortable.

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How much are the courses and where do they take place?

A: Our courses are free to individual women and run in local communities throughout the Glasgow area. We always aim to use premises that are safe and accessible and provide travel information when you register for a course.

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Is a crèche provided?

A: Although we can't always provide a crèche, some of the premises we use have crèche provision. You can ask for further details on this when registering for a course.

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Since men are bigger and stronger, should I bother taking a personal safety course?

A: Yes!!! The media don't tend to show strong survivors and successful self-defence stories don't tend to make it to the news. Women are strong and successfully defend themselves every day.

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