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Wise Women finance, facilitate and organise approximately 11 Courses and 25 community based workshops in Glasgow a year.  Some of these courses will be organised in Partnership with other locality services with the view to sharing resources i.e premises, crèche budgets, travel and Tutor fees.

In addition we receive requests from services who wish Wise Women to develop, organise and facilitate a course or workshops specifically for their service or area .  Should services wish us to do this, development and management fees may apply.

We are acutely aware of the impact budget cuts are having on services ability to engage with their local communities … however one of the many talents we have in the voluntary sector is working creatively and we urge you to give us a call to chat about how and if we can help you to get a Course up and running for your service users or area.

If you are planning to apply for funding for a Course, Wise Women can provide you with information, statistics and evaluations on impact that support your application. Staff can also attend meetings if required to outline our work.

Below we have included our basic costs for your information (excludes potential development and management fees.  Phone Wise Women for a quote)

2hr Personal Safety and Confidence Building Workshop for 15–20 women

For preparing and facilitating a 2hr Personal Safety and Confidence Building Workshop for 15–20 women.

Wise Women recommend a minimum 2 hrs for our Personal Safety and Confidence Building Workshops. Shorter sessions may incur a rounding up cost.

£60 - £70

10hr (5 x 2hr sessions)

For preparing and facilitating a 10hr (5 x 2hr sessions) Personal Safety and Confidence Building Course for 15–20 women.


20hr (10 x 2hr sessions)

For preparing and facilitating a 20hr (10 x 2hr sessions) Personal Safety and Confidence Building Course for 15–20 women.


Terms and Conditions

Please note that Wise Women cannot fund or partly fund workshops or courses outwith Glasgow and freelance Tutors may charge travelling expenses.

Our standard charge for a Wise Women Personal Safety Tutor is £30 per hour. A charge of £35 per hour will be made if the women in the group have particular needs and the tutor has to adapt the course or workshop to suit those needs.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that courses and workshops, which have been cancelled indefinitely, are subject to a cancellation fee if reasonable notice is not given.


Cancellation on the day the course is due to start incurs 35% fee of overall costs. Courses cancelled up to 10 days before due start date incurs 15% fee.

Courses started but cancelled due to low registration and consistent low numbers of 4 or less after 3 weeks need to be paid in full.


Wise Women have a minimum charge of 2 hrs for workshops.
Cancellation up to 3 days before due start date must be paid in full.

Non Attendance:

Workshops and events where women fail to turn up on the day must be paid in full by organisation.

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